July 23, 2019

Panthers Running Back Christian McCaffrey Trains At NeuraPerformance

Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey has incorporated a “secret weapon” into his off-season training — sessions in the GyroStim at NeuraPerformance Brain Center in Denver! Brain Training sessions with GyroStim technology helps people think more clearly, make better decisions, and perform at their best — all essential skills for a high-performing athlete like McCaffrey.

McCaffrey has been spinning in the GyroStim for a while now and is continuing to train his brain to react faster and improve processing speeds. Going into his third NFL season, McCaffrey will be relied on heavily to attack opposing defenses and McCaffrey’s hometown is Castle Rock, Colorado. As a Colorado-based business we’re happy to have him back on the sunny front range during the off-season!

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If you’re interested in brain training with the GyroStim at NeuraPerformance, contact us today! We specialize in brain health, recovery, and performance, including concussion recovery. We offer a variety of brain training therapies, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback, and Dynavision D2.

How Does It Work?

The GyroStim is a computer-controlled, rotating chair that rotates on several axis in order to challenge your brain’s ability to perform in dynamic environments. As you are rotated through space, the goal is to hit as many targets as possible with a laser pointer. If you’d like a more in-depth and technical answer to how GyroStim works, visit our GyroStim service page.

You are secured in the GyroStim chair with safety straps and while the GyroStim looks intimidating, it isn’t painful nor does it make you dizzy. The goal of the spinning is to disorient you while asking you to focus on targets and perform tasks. If you can perform under constant movement, think of what you can do on the field!

Here are a few ways the GyroStim can give you a competitive advantage:

  • Works on the connection between sensory input and motor output
  • Improves spatial awareness, peripheral vision, and hand-eye coordination
  • Provides data-driven results — each training session is monitored and adjusted according to the individual’s performance
  • Follows overload and progression strategies, just like weight lifting, to push your brain training further and driving more gains
  • Challenges even the most elite athletes — like Christian McCaffrey! — by reaching speeds of up to 30 RPM

GyroStim and Sports Performance

Athletes use GyroStim technology to enhance their performance. It utilizes a comprehensive, high-tech, brain training approach to exercise and works to optimize the sensorimotor system. Essentially, GyroStim trains your brain to react faster in complex, dynamic situations.

As athletes, you train your body every day. Consider the way football practice hones the same skills over and over again until you can react in a split second to dodge a tackle or keep your eyes on the hand-off while scanning the defense. Your brain is an essential part of your body too — and you should be training it! 

GyroStim Brain Training In Denver

NeuroPerformance Brain Center is passionate about helping athletes at all levels — from beginners to NFL stars — reach their highest potential!  Contact us today to learn more about brain training and GryroStim therapy!

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