April 7, 2021

Anatomy of a Plasticity Program

You may have already learned in the 4 Elements of Optimal Health article that the brain is the master control organ for the body, and the brain affects the body, and everything affects the brain. That is why we place the brain at the center of our work. We start with the brain and end with the brain and address everything else in between. You might be wondering how we "treat the brain". As our name implies, we harness the concept of neuroPLASTICITY.

What is neuroplasticity? Here's a short video that will help you understand the concept...

In order to harness the power of plasticity in a treatment program, there has to be a defined process that allows for the identification, application, and assessment of function. That is exactly what we have done. Each Plasticity® Program has 4 major components which build on each other. At the foundation of all programs is our Discovery step, which leads to Implementation, followed by Measurement, and concluded with Empowerment. This 4-step process is what allows us to deliver life-changing health transformations, and perhaps even more importantly, autonomy, to more than 90% of our patients.

4 Steps of a Plasticity Program

DISCOVERY: The Discovery step is intended to discover what you wish to accomplish and identify what keeps you from achieving your goals. This is the step where our team performs multiple interviews. We collect data from questionnaires, examine you, and perform diagnostic testing to allow us to get to step #2. Your brain is more unique than your fingerprint, that is why discovering your individual goals and the root of your challenges is the first step toward creating a tailored and specific treatment plan. Click here to learn more about HOW we Discover your brain and health status.

IMPLEMENTATION: Once all of the data from the Discovery step is compiled, our team often collaborates to discuss their thoughts, past successes, and how they might approach the case. Then they create a customized treatment to jumpstart your journey toward maximized recovery.

Once implemented, care plans have several parts after implementation: treatment, reassessment, more treatment, exit assessment, and the at-home treatment plan. You deserve a treatment plan that is as unique as you and addresses all areas of concern. This is why the Plasticity Program encompasses brain, body, mind, and chemical health.

MEASUREMENT: There's a famous quote, "You can't change what you don't measure". We don't like to wonder if we are making progress. That is one of the reasons why your assessment and reassessments are so important. They allow us to collect data so that we can measure your progress. We measure function through a host of diagnostic tools such as video-oculography, computerized assessment of postural systems, neurocognitive testing, and in some cases, bloodwork and physical fitness assessments. This data then allows us to refine our programs, implement those changes, and once again measure your improvements. This cycle can repeat itself as many times as we need to ensure our best outcomes.

EMPOWERMENT: One of our goals is to show you how quickly your health can improve when you have a specific program crafted for YOU. The data will show you how well you're doing, and we hope that it inspires you to continue the momentum with at-home exercises and continued care via telemedicine. Having strength and confidence in yourself affords you control of your life, and the feeling is so empowering. We want that for you.

We want you to live your life with as few doctor’s appointments as necessary. After in-clinic therapies and assessments, you and every patient are provided an at-home care plan to provide you with the strength and confidence to continue with the progress and momentum gained at the clinic. Our follow-up program allows us to be your accountability partner to provide support and guidance after your program, whether you live locally near one of our centers or from the other side of the globe. We have had the privilege of working with patients from as far as Vanuatu and have coached them to recovery. However, we also have a fail-safe in our Plasticity® NeuroNetwork of doctors. This group of over 200 hand-selected doctors has pledged to work with us to support your care if you live nearby and need assistance. We have tried to think of everything to guarantee your success and health independence. 

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