January 13, 2018

Benefits of Neurofeedback

Neura Performance Brain Center provides various testing opportunities to help gain an understanding of what an individual’s brain is doing and the effects that it has on everyday mental states and reactions. These forms of testing and the neurofeedback that they provide has shown to drastically shift the lives of those being tested. In today’s blog post we are going to touch on a few of the primary benefits that people have seen through the testing completed and the neurofeedback that they received.


Better Sleep Quality

One of the most significant health issues in America is insomnia. From the medication that is prescribed to eliminate restless nights, to the various techniques that people try — a good night's rest isn’t as easy to come by as you’d think. What many people don’t realize is that their restlessness could be due to brain activity that they’re entirely unaware of.

This is one of the areas that neurofeedback has been proven to improve. If you are someone that has tried every method in the book and you’re ready for answers that will actually provide you with a good night of sleep, then the testing that we do here at Neuro Performance is something you should try.

Aside from figuring out what could be causing your sleep issues, neurofeedback has proven to enhance the quality of sleep.


Reduce Anxiety & Depression

Getting an idea of how your brain handles stress is one of the other benefits of participating in testing and getting neurofeedback. Two of the alarmingly high diagnosis of Americans are anxiety and depression; they’re also two of the most medicated diagnosis in America. That being said, anxiety and depression are both common ways for brains to deal with stress.

If you are someone that has dealt with anxiety and depression for some time, then participating in the Neuro Performance testing could be extremely beneficial to gaining an understanding of how your brain works. In doing so, the neurofeedback can help you unstick from the patterns to lead to these unhealthy and unbalanced reactions and can help you get to a point where depression and anxiety aren’t constants in your life.


Brain Fitness

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are concerns that go hand in hand with old age. While there’s no guaranteed way to avoid them from happening to you in the long-run, participating in activities that challenge your brain and push you to use parts of your mind that you might not use on a daily basis is a great way to strengthen the elasticity of your brain.

Think of your brain as a muscle. The more that you work the muscle, the stronger it gets. By participating in activities that push your brain, including the tests offered at Neuro Performance, you can experience anti-aging benefits and see work on brain fitness levels.


Improve Cognitive & Executive Skills

A majority of the tests offered at Neuro Performance will challenge you to complete tasks and use your brain in creative ways for the neurofeedback to provide us with an idea of how your brain functions. These are cognitive, and executive skills that you’ll gain an understanding of and will be able to utilize far beyond the time that you spend participating in tests at the center.

Cognitive and executive skills are things that you can make an effort to work on and try to improve, but very rarely do you have an idea of what your brain is doing for it to apply these skills. Neurofeedback makes it possible for you to not only understand what your mind is doing but to understand how you can improve your cognitive and executive skills moving forward.


Work on Neuroplasticity & Improve Recollection

Whether you’ve been hurt while playing sports or you’re looking to improve your neuroplasticity, neurofeedback, and the testing that is completed is a great way to do so. These tests help you gain feedback on the ways that your brain is making connections. One of the benefits that people see in this aspect is the ability to de-stress differently than before.

Again, stress is something that a majority of people deal with and the ability to understand what is causing that stress and how to deal with it better is something that we could all benefit from.

This specific benefit is also known for improving the ability to learn and relearn specific tasks. For that reason, it’s great for individuals who have had an injury that required relearning of skills or tasks.


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Neuro Performance Brain Center wants to provide you with the feedback and assistance that you need to better understand what your brain is doing. If you’re interested in scheduling a session with our team, reach out to us today, and we would be happy to assist you and provide answers to any questions that you may have.

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