October 5, 2021


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Our neurological health defines every aspect of our overall well being. Neurological conditions can impact parts of our body that we don’t expect, ultimately shaping how we operate each day. Any change to your neurological state can drastically alter your perception of the world, as well as your ability to function within it. Many people choose to write neurological health off as something less important, but it’s a crucial element to a fulfilling life. Plasticity Core in Denver offers a range of services that improve neurological health using both traditional and modern techniques.


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Functional Neurology

Neurological conditions are treated on an individualistic basis. Simply put, no two people suffering from the same neurological condition will have the exact same experience. Therefore, treatment plans must reflect that, catering to one’s specific needs without sacrificing quality for the sake of quick treatment. Functional neurology, sometimes referred to as “chiropractic neurology,” uses various forms of rehabilitation to assist with neurological issues. At Plasticity Core, we are committed to providing functional neurology services in ways that are noninvasive, mostly focusing on patient comfort, security, and rehabilitation. Most of our patients see results almost immediately, but longevity is our main goal.


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Hyperbaric Services

Hyperbaric services are designed to improve the flow of oxygen within our patients. These non-invasive procedures challenge traditional methods by ensuring that systems like chambers can successfully transfer oxygen throughout the body without needing complex surgeries or other operations. In fact, our patients enjoy their favorite TV shows while they undergo our hyperbaric services, such as spending time in our hyperbaric chambers. These services promote blood vessel development within the body, encouraging it to continue growth for the long haul. This therapy increases immune function and promotes overall neurological health. In extreme cases, hyperbaric services have helped coma patients.


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Dr. Shaun Kornfeld

Dr. Kornfeld was born and raised in Florida, and we are excited to welcome him to our Denver office. Originally from Boca Raton, Dr. Kornfeld attended the University of Florida. As an Exercise Science major, he also obtained three minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Child Sciences. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree, he also earned his doctorate. His educational history is as impressive as his overall career path, with his path to his doctorate including him graduating cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. His passion for assisting others, especially those who struggle with neurological conditions, brought him to Plasticity Core. Now, he lives with his wife and their children just outside of Denver. Outside of his dedicated medical career, he enjoys basketball and tennis, as well as quality family time.


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Convenient Location

Our Denver office is conveniently located downtown. We hope that this central location allows you to get your medical needs met quickly, without delaying due to scheduling restrictions. Providing a safe, easy place to access allows more people to improve their neurological health. The staff at our Denver office is ready to help, regardless of your current conditions. You can find us at:

2899 N Speer Blvd, Unit 103, Denver, CO, 80211


We are so excited to help you improve your neurological health. By combining traditional and modern techniques, we have been able to find the perfect balance for treatment plans. We serve a wide range of clients, from children to seniors, so that they can bask in the glow of good neurological health for years to come. Our Denver office is currently accepting new clients, so please reach out as soon as possible. If you’d like to learn more about your neurological health, schedule an appointment at our Denver office today!

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