August 14, 2019

How Brain Training Can Help Your Relationships

NeuraPerformance Brain Center in Denver uses cutting-edge technology to help our clients with whatever brain training, sports performance, or psychological conditions they’re looking for. Our four core technologies — hyperbaric chamber, neurofeedback, Dynavision D2, and GyroStim — change lives for people of all ages and walks of life.

In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing GryroStim therapy, a form of dynamic brain training. If you’re new to GyroStim (most people are!) it is a computer-controlled, multi-axis rotating chair. The chair rotates you safely through space and you are asked to use a laser pointer to hit multiple targets around you. Doing so as quickly and as accurately as possible improves your brain’s processing and reaction times. 

This type of brain training has obvious positive results for individuals and athletes who want to think more clearly, make quicker and better decisions, and perform at their best in all situations. There are some lesser known benefits to brain training — both inside the GryroStim and on your own at home — and today we’ll cover how brain training can improve your relationship!

At Home Brain Training

While brain training with the GyroStim or other state-of-the art brain technologies at the NeuroPerformance Brain Center in Denver is one of the best ways to get visible results, there are a lot of ways you can train your brain between sessions as well! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Physical activities that train your reaction speed, like tennis or playing catch
  • Brain Training apps, like Luminosity and Elevate
  • Quiet, screen-free activities like reading or crafts
  • Spatial awareness games like boggle or tangram puzzles
  • Meditation and mindfulness breaks to calm the body and train attention

Cultivate Better Moods

Think of brain training like a gym for your brain. It doesn’t change who you are, but it helps you rewire your brain to react to stimuli and situations with more control. Have you ever had a long, hard day and come home to a problem and you react angrily or explosively to your partner? Or have you melted down from stress? Most people have! But doing regular brain training can help better regulate your emotional states, meaning you can be more patient and calm when you’re in a difficult situation.

Improve Memory and Notice Positives 

One of the biggest things at-home brain training can do for you is to improve your memory. Brain training enhances your working memory, meaning you’re less likely to forget that really important thing your partner asked you to do after work today. Is it your turn to pick up the kids from baseball practice? Wait, was I supposed to get bananas or mango from the grocery store?

Our modern world is stressful and everyone is keeping a bunch of balls in the air! Brain training helps us see the bigger picture and keep what’s most important in the front of our short term memory. Think about how someone training in the GyroStim has to quickly see and hit the targets with their lasers while spinning around, disoriented. What a metaphor for fast-paced daily life! Our relationships with everyone in our life improve when we are able to remember what’s important to them. 

Brain training also improves attention and focus, which can help us better notice the positives in life. We can mindfully train ourselves to cultivate better, more positive mindsets, which makes us and the people around us happier! 

GyroStim Brain Training In Denver

NeuroPerformance Brain Center is passionate about helping our patients achieve their full potential! We believe brain training can positively affect every area of you life — including your relationships. Contact us today to learn more about brain training and GryroStim therapy!

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