March 11, 2018

How Neurofeedback Training Can Help Recovery from a Concussion

As an athlete participating in a full-contact sport, a concussion is one of the worst injuries that you can worry about. While the body is fragile and can suffer an injury, it’s much more challenging to heal and retrain the brain than it is your muscles. Given that concussions are one of the most common injuries for athletes involved in contact sports, it’s important to know the opportunities for healing available.


An Updated Form of Healing

Neuro Performance offers full neurofeedback testing that, when paired with the quality care of a doctor, can yield results that help one heal from a concussion. Though giving the brain some time to rest is certainly recommended for proper healing, neurofeedback allows for the brain to see what areas it needs to work on self-mending. This process is what allows for your brain to get back to a place similar to where it was prior to the concussion.

A study was completed in 2017 by Sports Brain on athletes in contact heavy sports that had been concussed. These athletes participated in neurofeedback training, and after six to 12 sessions of training, these athletes noticed an improvement in cognitive skills and memory. With how challenging it can be for athletes to recover from a concussion, these types of development in the healing process are incredible.

Aside from athletes being able to gain their cognitive skills quicker, they also noticed decrease pain, fewer headaches, and quicker recall. While cognitive skills are a great thing to regain access too, these additional benefits are something that are extremely impressive to see in the healing process.


How Many Sessions to Anticipate

The number of neurofeedback training sessions that you’ll need to partake in will vary depending on a few things. Though neurofeedback has proven to be extremely helpful to the healing process, not all cases are the same, so it’s inevitable that the healing process and recommendations would be the same.


Number of Concussions Prior

One of the first things that we’d have to take into consideration is how many concussions you’ve had before the one that you’re visiting us for. The main reason that this is important to look into is the effect that each concussion has on the brain. When more concussions have occurred, more damage has been done and has scarred the brain — making the healing process even more difficult. If you’ve had concussions before, this could require additional sessions.


The Severity of the Concussion

Impact is another aspect that will be looked at when we determine how many sessions of neurofeedback training you’ll have to do. If the impact that you had was extremely forceful, then the damage of this concussion would be more impactful than an injury that had less impact. That being said, if your concussion is severe, you will more than likely have to partake in additional neurofeedback training sessions.


The Healing that Needs to Happen

This ties right into the severity of the concussion. Depending on how badly the concussion was, there healing that needs to happen will vary. This is also going to change on an athlete to athlete basis. Working on reducing headaches and sharpening thought process is going to be a much different healing process than recovering cognitive skills and improving memory recollection.

Depending on what types of skills you’re needing to work on, the number of sessions that you need will change. Though some areas of the brain may take longer to recover, this process has proven to yield the recovery necessary to get extremely close to where the brain was pre-concussion.


The Progress of Healing

As with everything, the progress that is seen is going to play a part in how many sessions you have to complete. Think about this as any other muscle. If you were required to go to physical therapy for a muscle and the healing process was moving slow, you wouldn’t stop going before it had healed fully. Your brain is a muscle that will require full healing, and we suggest you going to as many sessions as necessary so that you can see the benefits of this method.


How Hard You Push Yourself

Neurofeedback testing is an incredibly challenging way to heal your brain, but it’s one that is efficient. If you are dedicated to your healing process and you continue to push yourself, than the number of sessions that you have to participate in are also going to vary. Though we do suggest challenging yourself, you also want to make sure that you balance it with quality rest.


Neuro Performance Provides the Necessary Training

Concussions are extremely serious, and they need to be taken just as seriously. Neuro Performance wants to provide only the best of the best when it comes to healing methods. For that reason, we not only encourage athletes to partake in neurofeedback training but to also educate themselves on how their brain works.

If you or someone that you know has suffered a concussion, consider neurofeedback training. This form of brain training is the new and improved method of healing, and it’s one that deserves to be tried. Reach out to the team at Neuro Performance in Denver and allow for our team to provide you with the advanced training and technology that allows for healing to occur. Make sure to check out the rest of our blog posts for additional information and contact us with any questions that you may have.

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