February 9, 2017

One of the Most Dangerous Causes of TBI: FALLS

Whether it is walking or driving, slippery surfaces can be a serious danger. Don't disregard the chance that you may fall or be involved in a life-altering accident due to a fall.

The Relationship between Brain Injury and Falls: About 35% of all brain injuries are from a fall. This includes tripping on a curb, falling down the stairs, stumbling on the beach, or slipping on ice. One of the biggest dangers of these falls is hitting your head which can lead to brain damage or even death. There is also the possibility of a concussion. If you fall and hit your head, be sure to monitor for any of the following signs of concussion: a headache, problems with balance, fatigue, issues with memory, or nausea. Concussion symptoms do not always surface right away so be sure to visit a medical professional if you suspect that you may have a concussion after a fall.

What to Watch Out for: Some of the most common dangers are those you can’t see. Especially in winter, if you live in some of the colder states, ice can be anywhere and you may not even notice. Sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways are all common areas where ice forms and that are frequented by heavy foot traffic. Be sure to take precautions by walking slowly and carefully in any area that you suspect where ice has formed. Even if the weather is relatively warm, there is still a possibility that ice may have formed.

Other Dangers: Believe it or not, just a rain shower can be even more dangerous than ice when driving. Most types of street pavements have a petroleum or oil component to them. When there is a rain shower, especially on a hot day, the oil creates a coating on the pavement that makes the rain very slippery. Vehicular injuries are the cause of many injuries including TBI and concussion. If you are driving on either a wet or icy road, be sure to drive slowly, and be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Many of us have slipped or tripped and ended up with nothing but a minor bruise, but the potential danger should not be disregarded. It is so important to be aware of your surroundings and practice precautionary methods.

If you have suffered from a TBI due to a fall or car accident, Plasticity Brain Centers can help you to recover your independence and reduce symptoms.

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