April 6, 2021

Our Hopes and Expectations

Plasticity Collaboration

Our greatest hope is to work with you to create and deliver a plan that will allow you to realize your greatest potential and goals.

"Success" means different things for different people, depending on their condition and the complexity of their case. We do not claim to cure everyone-- that would be impossible. While we have seen many patients recover 100%, our therapy ultimately is intended to jump-start and accelerate your brain and body toward healing. Along that path, our patients typically find medical freedom, recovery, and optimization.

The multidisciplinary team at Plasticity® Centers has more than a century of combined experience in many diverse areas of healthcare. By choosing to work with our team, you have direct access to experts in: functional neurology, functional medicine, chiropractic, athletic training, strength and conditioning, psychiatry, pharmacology/surgery, hypnotherapy, neurofeedback, non-invasive neuromodulation, photobiomodulation, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Through our extended network, we have collegial relationships with experts at Harvard, Yale, Stanford University, Duke, Emory, UMiami, the University of Central Florida, University of Cincinnati, UCLA, the Mayo Clinic, Rush Insitute, Cleavland Clinic, UPMC, the Steadman Clinic, Oschner, and many other prestigious institutions with expansive complimentary services.  This means to you that while our specialty is in creating individualized, multi-faceted, comprehensive treatment programs, we also have access to some of the world's top experts in all areas of health. We are never afraid to call on our colleagues to collaborate on a complex case, if necessary.

We believe that every person deserves access to healthcare providers that are good at what they do, yet realistic enough to know that the best answers lie in collective wisdom and collaboration. That is a truly patient-centered care model. That is what we hope and expect to provide you and yours.

We pledge to deliver:

  • Answers
  • Humility and Candor
  • A Refreshingly Positive Experience
  • A Thorough Understanding of Your Situation
  • A Comprehensive and Effective Plan
  • Clear and Supportive Outcomes Data
  • Improved Function
  • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Tools to Ensure Success
  • A Supportive Team

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