February 27, 2017

Track Real-Time Brain Activity With Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback therapy at Denver’s NeuraPerformance Brain Center is one of our most popular services because it can be widely applied for different reasons. Described as a type of biofeedback, neurofeedback therapy tracks the brain’s activity through sensors to display real-time activity and function.

Neurofeedback is non-invasive.

neuraperformance-neurofeedback-static1-squarespac23334e-300x279This non-invasive treatment is a great training tool for people of any age. The training takes place in a comfortable room. The patient puts on the neurofeedback cap (pictured right), which is connected to sensors and a monitor. The rest of the therapy happens inside your brain!

Neurofeedback improves brain function.

Consider neurofeedback therapy like conditioning sessions at the gym. It requires focus and dedication over a period of time. Brain training games are quite popular right now, as people try to increase reaction times, improve creative problem solving, and so much more. These brain games that you can play on your phone or computer are just the tip of the neurofeedback iceberg. At NeuraPerformance, you will be monitored by professionals who can help you stay focused on your goals and improve your brain health.

Neurofeedback helps improve specific areas of the brain:

  • Auditory imagery
  • Executive function
  • Expression
  • Language comprehension
  • Motor planning
  • Spatial orientation
  • Visual processing

Neurofeedback helps people get back their lives.

From students who are overloaded with medications (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, etc) to those who suffer from bipolar disorder and even to professional athletes who suffer from recurrent brain injuries, neurofeedback is a type of therapy that has no boundaries. Check out some of our customer testimonials to learn more about how neurofeedback has helped people turn 180 degrees toward the positive, healthy side of life.

Here are some of our favorite quotes:

  • “I found freedom from prescription medication, insomnia, anxiety, fear, bipolar mood swings, and anger.”
  • “... using the latest technology to regulate our brainwaves without medication or other stimulants.”
  • “After neurotherapy I feel calm and happy. Life is better, I have friends, I am doing good in school.”

Read more to learn about neurofeedback and how it can improve your life.

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