October 24, 2016

Treating Depression Through Neurofeedback

Whether the “depression word” is one that you avoid or one that has come to define your life, the brain training experts at NeuraPerformance Brain Center understand that the usual medications and therapies may not be effective for you. For example, you may be able to manage your depression using medication, but this same medication may also be negatively affecting your libido or just keeping you “level,” but not necessarily “happy.” Here at NeuraPerformance, we offer neurofeedback therapy. Keep reading to learn how this technology can help you with your depression.

What is depression?

If you contend with depression or know someone who does, then you likely understand how difficult depression can be to define. For some, depression equates a pervasive feeling of sadness, others feel overwhelming anxiety, guilt, or fear, and still others find themselves experiencing no emotions at all, trapped within a cycle of lost interest and apathy. If you have been diagnosed with depression or think you may benefit from a change in how your brain regulates mood, consider neurofeedback therapy.

How can neurofeedback treat depression?

For some, “snapping out” of a moment of sadness or fatigue becomes easier with time. In other words, the moment of depression passes, but for others, depression can become a chronic problem that can seem nearly impossible to escape from. Through neurofeedback, however, sufferers of depression can find relief by retraining their brains out of dysfunctional patterns and into patterns that promote improved mood regulation. You can learn more about how this amazing technology works on our neurofeedback page.

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