February 6, 2017

Weight Loss Through Neurofeedback Part 2

Do You Struggle With Obesity?

If you struggle with obesity, be sure to check out part one on this topic to learn about the real problem, which is not control but how the brain has become hardwired over time. The typical weight loss solutions out there include restrictive eating habits, strict exercise routines, medications for appetite, and enough pressure and responsibility to make it all seem as if it’s just not worth it, so I’m going to have my cake and eat it too. Have you ever been in a similar place, wondering if anything is ever going to actually work? Don’t worry, we’re not here to keep treating obesity as a control problem. Instead, we’re here to tell you about neurofeedback and how this amazing technology may help you overcome obesity by treating the mind, not the body.

Neurofeedback for Self Regulation

For people struggling with obesity, the brain has become hardwired to circumvent appetite regulation, which makes the “self control” some people seem to think is the only thing needed for weight loss a very difficult thing to come by. Instead of going through the same struggles again and again with weight loss programs that focus on how the body is changing, neurofeedback can teach you self regulation of the brain, allowing you to rediscover brainwave balance and optimal brain functioning. Through neurofeedback, you will be able to promote healthy patterns of thinking while eliminating unhealthy patterns. You can learn more about how neurofeedback works on our neurofeedback page.

If you’re ready to end your struggles with obesity, find out if neurofeedback is a good treatment option for you by contacting our Denver brain center and discussing your struggles with one of our professional staff members. We’ll also answer any questions you may have and can set up your first appointment.

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