March 17, 2016

Welcome to NeuraPerformance’s Blog

dreamstime_xxl_23256240Thank you for visiting our blog! Visit us in the future to find trivia, facts, news, and other articles related to brain health, the treatment of certain conditions, and the four core technologies we use to enhance the way our clients’ brains perform. At NeuraPerformance Brain Center, we believe that the body can only perform as well as it is allowed to by the brain, so we provide brain training and vestibular rehabilitation programs to provide our clients with what they need to become better athletes, to overcome debilitating conditions such as PTSD, concussions/TBIs, anger/rage issues, mood disorders, Autism and Aspergers, chronic pain, etc., and to generally lead richer lives.

Through our programs, we are able to promote enhanced brain health in our clients. Our four core technologies include the GyroStim, neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and the Dynavision D2™. With these technologies, we are able to initiate brain training and vestibular stimulation in order to promote faster reaction times, faster brain processing, normalized behavior, increased energy and focus, concussion recovery, and more. Read more about our core technologies to discover how our NeuraPerformance Brain Center can help you.

In addition to the benefits already listed, NeuraPerformance clients often experience a reduction in headaches and migraines, better sleep, improved memory, improved decision making skills, improved comprehension and retention, injury prevention, and more. Schedule your first appointment today by clicking the button at the top left of this page. Whether you’re interested in hyperbaric oxygen therapy or neurofeedback training at our Denver facility, we’d be happy to help you enhance your brain performance.

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