February 20, 2017

Who Can Benefit From A Visit To NeuraPerformance?

NeuraPerformance Brain Center is a local clinic in Denver, Colo., that specializes in the health of the brain, for the rest of the body is dysfunctional without a healthy brain. Let’s take a look at some quick facts about our center and who can benefit from this brain therapy.

NeuraPerformance Brain Center in Denver

What is it?

NeuraPerformance is a health and wellness center founded on the incredible scientific advances that specifically help improve brain health.


Who should visit the center?

Here at NeuraPerformance, we’d love to help treat anyone who is having a problem with their brain or someone who strives to improve the health of their brain overall.

Our patients often experience one or more of these symptoms, injuries, or desires when visiting NeuraPerformance:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Concussion
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Increase reaction time
  • Become more decisive
  • Think faster
  • Many more

This is just a brief list of conditions we’ve experienced when working at NeuraPerformance. Since everyone has a brain, there really isn’t a type of person we can’t accommodate at NeuraPerformance. We have experience working with the “Average Joe’s” who would like to get rid of that pesky chronic pain, as well as experience working with professional athletes who regularly suffer from head injuries, typically concussion.

In short, YOU should visit NeuraPerformance!

We welcome youth sports teams, especially, to learn more about the importance of a healthy brain and the lasting damages of an untreated concussion.

Where is NeuraPerformance Brain Center?

NeuraPerformance has two locations in Denver.

2244 W 29th Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

9185 E Kenyon Ave
Denver, CO 80237 Suite 195

We also have a mobile unit that can come to you along the Front Range! We recommend this for the youth teams or other organizations who can host a brain health day at practice or at your next meeting.

Check out our next post to learn more about neurofeedback therapy and its incredible healing benefits.

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