How We Help the Elderly

Older Adults Are Unique

Our specialists work with aging loved ones that manifest degenerative neurological disorders, such as early-stage dementia and Parkinson’s disease. These disorders often make your loved one irritable, tremble uncontrollably, lose their balance, forget family members’ names, and sadly often become apathetic. We help them by giving them better control of their body, improving their memory, invigorating their life and maintaining their independence for a while longer.

The Plasticity Recovery Program

Participants in The Plasticity® Recovery Program have neurological challenges from A to Z — everything from Adult ADHD, Adult Autism Spectrum Disorders, early Alzheimer’s/dementia and other forms of cognitive decline, to brain injuries/concussions, dysautonomia, headaches/migraines, movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and even those with rare, unknown or un-diagnosable neurological challenges. Every individual has their own specific challenges that they face. Therefore, their rehabilitation program is personally created to optimize their goals. In fact, no two rehabilitation programs are the same. The Plasticity Recovery Program is consistent with our other methods where we assess a person’s total brain, body, mind and chemistry to define the best plan for their health.

The Research-Based Treatment

Beginning with an accumulation of advanced diagnostic and examination techniques, our clinical team of experts develops an individually customized “recipe for rehabilitation.” The reason we compare your Plasticity® Recovery Program to a recipe is because it consists of carefully selected “ingredients” (therapies and exercises), combined in a specific order and quantity to ensure a successful end result. The research-based therapies incorporated to include various forms of physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, cognitive exercise, coordination drills, photobiomodulation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, pulsed magnetic frequency treatments, occupational therapy, vision/orthoptic therapy, chiropractic care, non-invasive neuromodulation, sensory-motor entrainment, and more. Visit our technology page to learn more about these various types of therapies.

See How The Plasticity® Recovery Program can Change Your Life

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