Case Studies

Case Presentation History of concussions, with the most recent occurring one year prior to visit Vertigo, headache, nausea Increased frequency of sporadic crying Decreased ability to perform daily activities Difficulty reading; medical withdrawal from school; unable to play soccer A Complex Case to Diagnosis: Impaired balance and coordination stemming from vestibular consequences have been reported […]
Patient Presentation 20-year-old female soccer player with a history of multiple head injuries presented with complaints of vertigo, headaches, and nausea. Vertigo is worst when lying completely flat. Headaches were predominantly in the right sub-occipital region and were unremitting. Previous Treatments: The patient had been manipulated by a chiropractor 22 times over a period of […]
Patient Presentation A 28-year-old male, professional athlete, presented for assessment and non-invasive brain treatment. History of a traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome. The primary complaint was diplopia, with secondary complaints of memory impairment and fatigue. Previous Treatments: Vaguely reported by the patient, including care from numerous healthcare practitioners without results. Plasticity™ Diagnosis: Traumatic brain […]
History of Head Trauma and Treatment While living in Cincinnati, OH, B.R suffered a concussion on November 30th, 2014 playing ice hockey. He was wearing the best helmet available; however, he was fouled and hit his head (center of forehead) at a high rate of speed on the ice. He did not lose consciousness but […]
Day 1 18 years ago, I had my 2nd M.S. event and not only lost all function in my whole left leg, but my mind/brain wasn’t able to recognize that limb at all. 8 years later, even though I can feel my leg, I thought that my brain was recognizing my left leg, but it […]
Martijn suffered his concussion in October 2015 during a soccer match at school when a ball was kicked at considerable speed against the back of his head. He lost consciousness for a few minutes but seemed to recover and was sent home by the gym teacher. As parents, we already wondered whether this had been […]
In February of 2016, WWE star Daniel Bryan announced his retirement from wrestling at the age of 34. When interviewed about why he was choosing to retire at a relatively young age, Bryan revealed that ...

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