Allie Caplinger


Allie Caplinger is Atlanta’s Neurotherapist. She is responsible for the hands-on care and diagnostic testing of everyone that we have the pleasure of treating and working with at Plasticity. She is passionate, driven, and takes pride in providing the best quality care to every single patient.


One of Allie’s favorite things about her job is identifying the significant improvements and impacts that we make in patients’ lives. She loves to make patients regain their confidence and bring back some of their joy and happiness into their lives.


Allie’s background is in healthcare and direct patient care.  She graduated from the University of West Georgia. She has years of experience working in both the hospital and private practice sectors. There, she gained exceptional knowledge and leadership qualities. Allie is personable, proficient, and adept at managing sensitive situations.


Allie was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. On the weekends she enjoys spending time with her family at the baseball fields, going to the gym, and cooking/baking for her family.

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