Chandler Ward

NeuroTherapy Assistant - Orlando

Chandler Ward is one of Orlando’s Neuro Therapy Assistants. He is responsible for the hands-on care and diagnostic testing of everyone that we have the pleasure of treating and working with at Plasticity. During his time at Plasticity, Chandler has worked with a wide array of people from different backgrounds, ages, and conditions. He is passionate about his job and about helping people.

Favorite Patient Memory

One of Chandler’s favorite things about his job is seeing the people he works with smile. One patient in particular had experienced some traumas in his lifetime and was experiencing post-concussion symptoms that were making it difficult to complete everyday tasks. Throughout his week of therapy, Chandler had the unique opportunity to help him begin to take back some of the functionality that he had been missing in his life and watch him open up and become more social with his family at the clinic and with the other staff at Plasticity.

Professional Experience

Chandler’s background is in the field of sports medicine and Athletic Training. He attended the University of South Carolina where he received his Bachelor’s in Athletic Training. There, he had the pleasure of working with several collegiate and high-school level athletic teams in functional and performance rehabilitation.

More on Chandler

Chandler was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina and has been a Gamecock fan all his life. In his free time, Chandler enjoys being active and outside, backpacking, soccer, football, tennis, basketball, playing guitar and singing.

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