Jahmile “Jamie” Norman

Director of Patient and Professional Relations

Jahmile “Jamie” Norman is Orlando Plasticity Center’s Practice Administrator. She is responsible for not just managing the center, but also the patient experience from scheduling and treatment schedules to staffing and completing the treatment. If it happens in Orlando, Jamie is behind the scenes making it all work. She has been working in Functional Neurology for eight years. Over this time she has become incredibly adept at how to not just manage the center, but how to provide the very best patient experience. She is passionate about making people feel “at home” while at our facility, ensuring the warmest experience possible.

Favorite Patient Memory

One of the great pleasures of her job is witnessing the immense joy Plasticity patients experience after their time with us.  A specific example - a young boy, aged 4, was being treated for an anoxic brain injury.  His challenges were significant; in fact, he was legally blind due to uncontrolled eye movements.  By the end of his treatment, he had accomplished some amazing breakthroughs and was even able to communicate utilizing an I-Talk device.  Often, at the end of a week, you can find Jamie crying tears of joy with her patients.  Her love and connection with our patients is one of the phenomenal attributes that Jamie possesses to ensure that every day is better than the last for every person that visits our center.

Professional Experience

Her professional experience encompasses public relations, management and hospitality, with training from the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hospitality Program. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French, with a knowledge of Mandarin, and happily assists patients with translation when needed. 

More on Jaimie

Jamie is originally from Seattle, WA, but has lived much of her life abroad, between different parts of the U.S., Venezuela, Paris, Shanghai, and Peru. She graduated from high school early and began college at the age of 16, graduating Cum Laude from Soka University of America. She enjoys traveling the world and learning from different cultures with her husband and daughter. 

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