Jennifer Kovach

Lead Neurofeedback Clinician

Jennifer Kovach, LPCC is Denver’s Lead Neurofeedback Clinician. She leads and manages the Neurofeedback center located in downtown Denver and is the first point of contact for new patient consultations. She is in charge of the patient's initial visit which includes gathering their QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography), creating protocols suited to their needs and providing counseling. Additionally, she guides new interns in their own quest to help patients with their mental health needs. Jennifer, while being professional, makes her clients feel comfortable and at home. She takes pride in her office and creates a welcoming atmosphere. She truly cares about each and every person that walks in the door.

Favorite Patient Memory

One of Jennifer’s favorite things about working at Plasticity is seeing patients progress through their treatments and become the person they strive to be. For example: A young boy, aged 10, was being treated for ADHD, anxiety and behavioral issues. His parents were desperate for their little boy to get better. His journey had many ups and downs, including resistance half way through his sessions. By his very last session, he had learned better coping skills and even gave encouragement to a brand new younger patient that he met in the waiting room. Jennifer loves to see her patients grow and become mentally strong to endure the stresses of everyday life.

Professional Experience

Jennifer has a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She is passionate about the impact neuroscience can have in healing through our brain. Her clinical experience includes counseling in addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, sleep issues and domestic violence. She is currently working on her BCIA neurofeedback license and uses both neurofeedback and talk therapy when helping her patients. Post-diagnosis, she is highly motivated to help individuals achieve optimal, and sustained, mental and emotional health. Jennifer’s focus includes the study of neuroscience and providing counseling to individuals desiring better mental and emotional wellbeing.

More about Jennifer

Jennifer was born and raised in Colorado and loves Colorado summers. In her spare time, you’ll find her spending time with her husband and kids, family, studying to expand her knowledge of the brain and enjoying outdoor concerts.

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