Katie Milam

Patient Care Specialist, Director

Katie Milam, M.S., is one of our Patient Enrollment Advisors and Community Outreach Associates.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Texas Women’s University in 2004 and went on to earn her Masters of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Adapted Physical Education in 2006.

Through her research and building a curriculum to support children's brain development, she found the field of Functional Neurology. She began incorporating elements of visual tracking, sensory stimulation, and vestibular activation into the curriculum and saw the children respond beautifully and became hooked on this new way of activating the brain's potential.

She switched careers 10 years ago and has been dedicated to empowering families and individuals through education to understand their recovery potential. It is her goal to help families make the best decision for themselves or a loved one and treat each person the way she would want her family treated.

She currently lives in Texas with her husband, Mike, and her two children Merrick and Nash. In her free time, she loves just being with her family.

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