MaKenna Davis

Neurotherapy Assistant - COLORADO

MaKenna Davis is one of Colorado’s NeuroTherapy Assistants. She is responsible for performing diagnostic testing and administering treatments to patients. Throughout her time at PlasticityⓇ Centers, she has become knowledgeable in Functional Neurology and enjoys working with patients of all age ranges and conditions.

Favorite Patient Moment:
MaKenna’s favorite patient moment was when she worked with an elderly woman who suffered from a concussion and memory loss. By the end of her treatment, her symptoms were drastically reduced and she was feeling so much better. It was a very memorable moment for MaKenna because it was the first time she felt like she made a big difference in a patient’s life and she can’t wait to continue to help change more lives at Plasticity Centers.

Professional Experience:
MaKenna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in biology at Eastern Washington University. She is very excited to work at Plasticity Centers and loves working with people from all places and backgrounds.

More on MaKenna:
MaKenna is originally from Parker, Colorado. She played volleyball in college, and still enjoys playing with her sister in her free time. Along with her friends and family, MaKenna loves spending time with her pet dog and cat, Max and Simba.

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