Matt Ankrum

President (Corporate)

Matt is responsible for supporting the Plasticity family so that we can help as many patients as possible realize their health goals. His focus is to drive Plasticity’s strategic initiatives to achieve our long-term vision of being the preeminent brain-based solutions provider. By delivering personalized treatment plans that transform our patient’s lives, coupled with a caring approach and making our services accessible to as many patients as possible, Matt believes Plasticity can make a real difference in our world — one patient at a time.

Favorite Patient Memory

Before joining, Matt’s oldest daughter was a patient of Plasticity. She suffered from sensory processing disorder which made learning very challenging for her. After her week of treatment, he could see a marked improvement in her. However, it wasn’t until she began excelling academically in high school, that he realized the full extent of her transformation. She is now on the honor roll.

Professional Experience

Matt joined Plasticity in 2018 to help build a company around helping others. Matt brings a unique background of strategy, finance and management. He has been leading companies in a myriad of industries over the past several decades, including his own company. In addition, he was head of strategy for a Fortune 500 company and was portfolio manager for a large mutual fund.

More on Matt

Matt lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and three teenage daughters. Matt likes to travel, workout and spend time with his family. He is a proud Badger from the University of Wisconsin and received his MBA from the University of Chicago (home of the first Heisman trophy winner). He holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

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