Melissa Yates

Patient Care Coordinator- Atlanta

Melissa Yates is the Patient Care Coordinator at the Plasticity® Atlanta office. Having dealt with a
traumatic brain injury of her own at an early age, Melissa brings with her a deep personal
understanding of the struggles many patients face. As such, she strives to make sure that every
patient’s journey to and through Plasticity is as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re looking
for last-minute lodging or just need advice on where to get dinner, Melissa is there to help.
Much like how she tends her garden at home, Melissa goes the extra mile when ensuring that
every patient is cared for, from the seeds of their arrival through and beyond the fruits of their

Many of Melissa’s favorite memories come from hearing the testimonials of past patients.
Learning about the quality of life they’ve regained from their time at Plasticity is one of the
most rewarding aspects of her job. Knowing that Plasticity is making a positive difference in
people’s lives pushes her to stay at the top of her game, every day of the week.

Melissa brings with her a lifetime of experience in areas all across the hospitality industry. As
such, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the practices and techniques needed to ensure
that every patient’s journey is as stressless and comfortable as possible.

Melissa grew up in Deerfield Beach, FL. She came to Atlanta in 2016 in search of an area with a
strong sense of community. Much of her time is spent with her husband raising their three boys,
gardening, and keeping Winnie, her American bulldog-mix, from eating all of her berries out of
her garden.

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