Michael Budagher

Co-Founder, CEO, Chairman

Michael Budagher is the co-founder and CEO of TBIC, Inc, the parent company of the Plasticity Centers. He is a serial entrepreneur, starting his first company at the age of 21. He has funded and been involved in founding 10 plus companies, seeing them through startup through incorporation, and 2 public offerings.

He developed and implemented highly successful strategies for targeted growth in highly competitive environments through deliberate planning and sound financial administration. Michael has interfaced with Wall Street analysts, institutional investors and stockholders. He has managed large contract negotiations and reviewed information from attorneys to facilitate contracting processes.

Michael has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes 50 Fastest Growing Companies in America. Mr. Budagher is an accomplished pilot flying twin turbine aircraft. He is a devoted family-man and has been married for 34 years. He enjoys many outdoor activities like cycling, snow and waterskiing. Most of all he loves being a part of a compassionate, cutting-edge, and life-changing team.

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