Naphtali "Naf" Visser

Chief Information Officer

Naf is responsible for the technology systems that enable the care of patients at Plasticity. Naf built our Electronic Health Records system to address the unique way that we diagnose and treat patients. He also is responsible for the systems we use to manage follow-up care with patients in addition to our accounting, billing and customer relationship systems.

Naf was introduced to the Plasticity family as a patient suffering from vertigo, about 4 years ago. He was so inspired by the level of care that he asked to join the team to help Plasticity be able to see more patients with efficiency. Naf is very inspired by seeing the impact that his software can have on improving patient experience and outcomes.

Naf has been working in technology since 1993, right around the time of the release of the very first web browser, long before most people had Internet access in their homes. He's worked on projects for several Fortune 100 companies as well as many startups, as well as a company he founded. He's also an author and has had a career working with executives and companies around improving company culture.

Naf has lived in Boston since he started college. He lives with his amazing wife and 3-year old daughter. Naf loves to travel, cook, and make photographs; and he thinks a lot about how to make the world a more peaceful place.

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