Dr. Shawn Caldwell

Owner/Operator - Denver

Dr. Caldwell DC is a Colorado native.  He played college football at Fort Lewis College, where his passion for helping people through medicine was born.  He went on to earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University.  He returned home and started practicing in 1988.   He has been fortunate to be the team chiropractor for the Colorado Rockies (1999-present), Denver Broncos (2004-2018), and a consultant to the Denver Nuggets (2018-present).  In addition, Dr. Caldwell works with leading orthopedic clinics Steadman Hawkins and Panorama Orthopedic Clinic.

Through working with these teams and clinics he learned the value of a multi-discipline approach to health care and the growing need for recovery and brain health.  Dr. Caldwell founded his functional neurology practice in 2015.  His clinic was unique because it included other modalities, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and neurofeedback, to ensure the best treatment and outcome for his patients.  He has had the privilege to treat Academy and Grammy Award winners, Hall of Fame NFL and MLB players, Olympic gold medalists, UFC fighters, Heisman trophy winners, and leaders in industry.

Dr Caldwell has taught for Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society, Life University, Logan University, and Northwestern Health Science.

Favorite Patient Memory

A football player from Wheaton College had suffered a serious brain injury.  He was unable to attend school and struggled simply functioning in his daily life.  His family brought him back home to Colorado to be treated by us.  His treatment enabled him to return to Wheaton College and graduate.  It was around the time of his graduation that his father came back in to see us to share his son’s turnaround.  I will always remember how this father started to tear up as he proclaimed that we had helped give him his son back.

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