Tashena Bush


Tashena Bush is one of Atlanta’s NeuroTherapists. She is responsible for performing diagnostic testing and administering treatments to patients. Throughout her time at PlasticityR Centers, she has become knowledgeable in Functional Neurology and enjoys working with patients of all age ranges and conditions.

One of Tashena’s passions involves directly assisting people in their efforts to uplift their circumstances. She had the opportunity of working with a remarkable patient who was suffering from transient ischemic attacks and vertigo complications. Initially, the patient was unsure of his capabilities and the possibility of returning to a near-baseline physical condition. As the week progressed, he grew to become more confident in securing one of his primary goals, gaining a better outlook on life! Despite the circumstances surrounding the patient, he always had an enthusiastic presence around him and was relentless in giving his best effort.

Tashena possesses a rich variety of experience derived through working with adolescents of all stages. From teaching 5th grade science to serving as an administrator at a childcare facility, to mentoring college students, she has gained diverse direct experience with children in these developmental stages, within environments focused on support and positive change.

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