What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

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One of the services we offer at our brain center is neurofeedback therapy. It’s a safe, non-invasive, drug-free method for helping the brain learn how to function in a more balanced and healthy way. Learn more about neurofeedback, and if you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact Plasticity Centers in Denver, Atlanta, or Orlando.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that utilizes real-time displays of brain activity to help you train your brain to regulate function. Neurofeedback is designed to target areas of specific function in the brain, such as motor planning, auditory imagery, experience, or visual processing. Neurofeedback helps you form new patterns of thinking. For example, it can change the way one area of your brain talks to another area, and allow you to change attention, emotions, and behavior.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive process. In a typical neurofeedback session, we’ll attach sensors to your scalp, and you’ll sit in a comfortable chair in front of a computer screen. The electrodes/sensors are positioned to correspond to a particular area of your brain, based on your health goals and initial scans.

You’ll be training your brain by watching a video and will receive visual and auditory feedback based on how you respond. For example, you may be driving a car on screen, and the activity of the brain influences whether the car stays on the road or veers off and crashes. The science itself is a little complicated, but we’d be more than happy to talk to you in more depth or answer any questions you may have!

What Conditions Can Neurofeedback Help?

Neurofeedback can be helpful in managing a wide range of conditions, such as migraines, concussions, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, autism, and more!

Can Neurofeedback Be Harmful?

As long as you go to a trained provider, like those at Plasticity Centers, neurofeedback is safe! Our providers have a deep understanding of how the brain works, as well as how neurofeedback equipment can help you overcome the challenges you face. While you may experience side effects such as nightmares, insomnia, or brain fog, none of these are dangerous or permanent and should subside relatively quickly.

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Neurofeedback is an exciting and innovative therapy that can help with a wide range of conditions! If you’d like to learn more about whether neurofeedback is right for you, contact Plasticity Centers in Denver, Atlanta, or Orlando.
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