Concussions and Brain Injury

What You Need To Know About TBI

A Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a rapid movement of the head creates a shock-wave that injures our brain on a cellular level. TBIs can range from a mild concussion, with minimal symptoms, to severe TBIs leaving patients in comas. In all TBIs the brain will "turn-off" injured parts to allow them to heal. However, research has shown that more often than not these areas of the brain do not "turn-back-on", causing symptoms or challenges that may persist for years, in one or more of the following categories: sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional, sleep, and autonomic.

How We Treat TBI

There are a number of stand-alone methods to treat both concussion and other TBIs, including vestibular rehabilitation, physical therapy, vision therapy, aerobic exercise, and cognitive therapy. You may have tried some, or all of those, and still have symptoms. We have found that in order to "turn-back-on" the targeted areas of the brain, a customized program of all those therapies should be administered in the proper amounts, in the right sequence. That's how you can achieve better outcomes, faster, and this is how Plasticity's approach is able to help 92% of patients with concussion. But most important to you, we can help you regain your quality of life.

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