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Improving Brains.
Changing Lives.

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Thomas Rissling Concussion
Concussion and Brain Injury
Neuro Development Delay
What We Treat
92% of our concussion patients see a reduction in symptoms in 5 days

Why choose Plasticity®?

Because we care. Because we treat people, not conditions. At Plasticity® Centers we take the time to get to know you and your unique challenges or goals first – and then go to work. That’s how we are different from other traditional symptom-based approaches. We assess a person's brain AND body and focus on one thing—how to help you regain your quality of life.

Specifically, Plasticity® does three things differently than you might expect:
We have experienced clinical team members who are experts in the practice of functional neurology. We first understand the patient and then provide state-of the art, non-invasive, non-surgical and non-drug-focused treatment and therapies that result in significant, quantifiable increases in our patients’ quality of life. more
We achieve these outcomes for our patients through customized treatment plans – plans that are different for every individual – where we treat the whole person, not the symptom. There are various types of treatments or modalities that are combined in each session: photobiomodulation, eye exercises, vestibular stimulation, physical and gait therapies, chiropractic treatments, nerve stimulation, occupational therapies, cognitive exercises, and many others which may be done individually or combined. The order, intensity, and chosen therapies all make up the key differentiation to our tailored approach. more
We use plain talk and give real answers to your challenge. Then we educate and partner with you on your journey to better health, in our clinic and with you and your Care Team, as you continue your progress at home. more
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How We Do It

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Meet Our Team

Since our inception, we have assembled a best-in-class team of specialists with a vast array of experience, skill sets, and outstanding personalities.

At the core of our services are the dedicated doctors — who are international leaders in their field of functional neurology, and who collaborate with other forward-thinking physicians to deliver the very latest, effective, and research-based treatment modalities.

Our team of highly trained doctors, clinicians and neuro-technicians has a combined experience of many decades — and that number continues to grow as we add more experienced staff to serve our patients.
Dr. Matthew Antonucci
Dr. Matthew Antonucci

We Can HElp Now. HERE'S HOW.

Our clients have stories to tell. They have stories about turning despair into hope, turning frustration into empowerment, can't into can, disability into ability. These aren't our stories. These are their stories, and they can be your story.
I feel like a human being again. I feel like I can go home and do the things that I want to do.
Thomas R., Concussion
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I continued to watch him jumping off the edge of pool, interacting with other children in the pool, when normally he would have shied away and got out and sat on the side.
Rachel D. (Mom), ADHD and ASD
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She is using more words. She started saying mama and I believe she knows who I am. She is saying meaningful words.
Leilani’s Mother, Autism
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We feel like we can roll back the clock a little bit. We can get her life back, and get her some control back, and get her some hope back.
Wife of Tanya G., Alzheimer's
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Thomas Rissling Concussion
Brain Injury
Developmental Disorder
Movement Disorder
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