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The Plasticity® Recovery Program

Participants in The Plasticity® Recovery Program have neurological challenges from A to Z — everything from Adult ADHD, Adult Autism Spectrum Disorders, early Alzheimer’s/dementia and other forms of cognitive decline, to brain injuries/concussions, dysautonomia, movement disorders, headaches/migraines, Parkinson’s disease, and even those with rare, unknown or un-diagnosable neurological challenges.

No two rehabilitation programs are the same, even if the same types of treatments are implemented. If you have ever prepared a meal, you know that combining the same ingredients in different amounts and in a different order always results in a different dish. The Plasticity® Recovery Program is very similar - so we customize the treatment plan to the patient’s needs.

Research-Based Treatment

Beginning with an accumulation of advanced diagnostic and examination techniques, our clinical team of experts develops an individually customized “recipe for rehabilitation.” The reason we compare your Plasticity® Recovery Program to a recipe is because it consists of carefully selected “ingredients” (therapies and exercises) combined in a specific order and quantity to ensure a successful end result. The research-based therapies incorporated to include various forms of physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, cognitive exercise, coordination drills, photobiomodulation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, pulsed magnetic frequency treatments, occupational therapy, vision/orthoptic therapy, chiropractic care, non-invasive neuromodulation, sensory-motor entrainment, and more. Visit our technology page to learn more about these various types of therapies.

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