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No matter your age, genetic conditions, concussions, autism, hypoxia, degenerative diseases, brain injuries and other neurological challenges can change your life without a moment’s notice — the way we think, what we feel, the way we act, even who we are. These problems can affect many functions that we are unaware of, such as balance, digestion, blood flow, physical coordination, cognitive ability and memory, as well as our emotional state.

Life's toughest challenges are often neurological

Neurological challenges come in many different forms. Some are more apparent, like those seen with common neurological disorders, such as discomfort, difficulty walking, talking, moving, and more. However, another example of a neurological challenge might be when an Olympic athlete is struggling to shave one-tenth of a second off their reaction time, or when a quarterback is missing more passes than usual. Regardless of the neurological challenge, when one’s brain is not working optimally, it affects their performance and quality of life — but we have a solution.

Most of our patients have not had success in traditional medicine

For decades, our clinical team has been working with clients who have neurological challenges, and our team members have worked with thousands of individuals who suffered brain injuries, struggled with neurological impairments, faced developmental obstacles, or needed to overcome performance hurdles. Our collective experience, coupled with our innovative tools, methods, and technologies allows us to significantly enhance our clients’ lives through advanced diagnostic testing and precise rehabilitation and recovery therapies that optimize performance at an accelerated rate.

We Collaborate to Optimize Your Outcome

Whether you are referred to us or take the initiative to come to us on your own, our Plasticity® team loves to partner with healthcare providers to collaborate and work as a team to ultimately provide you with a neurological transformation.

How We Can Help

Our goal is to restore and optimize neurological function and improve quality of life by applying an innovative and proprietary treatment regime that our Plasticity® team has developed over the years while treating thousands of clients and performing nearly a decade of research.

Plasticity’s results-driven and research-based approaches are focused on utilizing technology and experience to identify underperforming areas of the brain and facilitate the brain’s natural capacity for growth and change. The treatments and services are designed to not only ease symptoms and improve function but also to restore the quality of life — all without using invasive procedures or prescription medications.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

Difficulties that you might be experiencing may not necessarily be a sensory, or muscle issue; they may be a brain issue. Our brain is the organ of our body that allows us to process and interact with the environment. When your brain misinterprets the environment, you can feel things that seem very real, but are not (pain, dizziness, depression, anxiety, etc.). The same concept applies to movement. If you have difficulty moving (tightness, shakiness, instability, paralysis, etc.), there is a high probability that your brain is not sending proper movement signals to your body.

How We Do It

At Plasticity®, we implement a ReceptorBased® model of functional neurology, which includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, vision therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, hyperbaric medicine, neurofeedback, photobiomodulation and more.

Most of the treatments we implement have been utilized in healthcare for decades. The big difference is the way we apply them. Based on examination findings and our specific diagnostic results, the Plasticity® team of neurologists at Plasticity® Centers creates just the right neuro-therapy recipe of repetition and intensity to rewire the brain for success.

Is it amazing? Perhaps to some. But what is really amazing is how easy it is to make a difference once you know how to create new neurological connections and rewire the brain to function as well as it possibly can.

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We Treat People, Not Conditions

Our clients come from all walks of life. They’re young, they’re old, they’re regular people who do regular things, extraordinary people who do extraordinary things, and they’re also celebrities and superstars. Yet as different and diverse as they are, they all have one thing in common: they all want to be the best that they can, regardless of their condition, regardless of their stage in life.

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