Create the most advanced and affordable lasers so this innovative technology can be accessible to more people and radically transform their ability to heal.

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Dynavision International is the manufacturer of the cutting-edge Dynavision D2 device used by sports professionals and healthcare practitioners alike for employing neuro-visual training protocols and exercises. Our user friendly D2 software provides our customers with the control over their D2 programs, allowing for unique customization, and more individually tailored drills developed seamlessly in real-time, all without recurring software fees. With Dynavision, you own and control the power of the D2!

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Vielight is the leader in transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation technology. We combine science and engineering ingenuity to develop unique photobiomodulation devices. Our goal is to improve one’s quality of life by continuously pushing the boundaries through innovation of the delivery of light energy into the brain and inner systems.

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