Our Process

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The assessment uncovers your challenges.
The initial assessment-- including the assessment of vital functions, balance, oculomotor function, cognitive function, reaction time, a review of history, physical examination, and most importantly YOUR goals-- provide our doctors and clinical team with raw baseline data about your brain's health and function, and what you define as a successful outcome.


The customized treatment plan is how we plan to address your challenges.
Once all assessment data has been collected, organized, and synthesized, in a matter of minutes, our clinical team digs into their knowledge, experience, and creativity to create an individualized (completely unique) treatment plan that will either restore, or increase your brain's performance, and ALSO achieve your desired outcome.


The treatment sessions are where the work is done, to eliminate your challenges.
Once the team has established and explained their plan to you, it's time to get to work. We immediately begin implementing the prescribed strategies, and tailor them to your ability each session. Some people respond faster and others slower, so we collect data on your performance to track your progress.
Treatment Options


The re-assessment provides us with feedback to determine the pace of progress and effectiveness of the plan.
By re-performing select, relevant, outstanding tests from the initial assessment, as well as a focused re-evaluation by the doctor, we are able to determine if we are either a) not responding to the plan, b) are satisfied with the progress, or c) needing to modify the plan to maximize outcomes.


Once we know the plan is working, it's time to get the most out of our time together.
After the re-assessment (and any modifications that are made), our goal is to pace ourselves for the remainder of the program, balancing on that line of peak-gains and fatigue, and provide you perfect-practice, so you can leave us trained to perform your at-home therapies perfectly.


The exit assessment is designed to show you how effective the program was, so that you are inspired to continue pursuing neurological excellence.
Aside from providing us with performance and outcome data, the exit assessment allows our team to make recommendations for other therapies (continued care, dietary advice, nutrients, exercises, or referrals if needed), and make a prognosis (how well you will do in the future), and determine if it would be beneficial to work together again.


DIY Neurological Rehabilitation
The at-home treatment plan is designed to provide you with autonomy from the medical field. We aim to create a plan that will provide you with freedom from ER visits, doctor's appointments, and the inconveniences of the challenges you came to us with. It is created based on what we found to be effective in our program, and of course we are available for assistance should you have any questions.

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