Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Neurology?

It is a healthcare practice area that focuses on neurological disorders.  It is non-invasive (non-surgical) and non-pharmaceutical. Through significant diagnostics and examination, it allows doctors to find the source of a patient’s issues that then allows for a customized treatment plan to concentrate on reducing and eliminating symptoms. Functional Neurology focuses on the foundations of how the brain and body are functioning.

I have already been to many doctors, why is Plasticity Centers different?

We use a unique approach to neurological rehabilitation. With the philosophy that every brain is different, each treatment plan is customized to the individual based on what is identified in the history, extensive diagnostic testing, and physical examination. Plasticity Centers are using therapies and treatment modalities that research has shown can change the brain and fuel that change. To structure the treatment plans, our physicians reference a hierarchy or pyramid of neurological function.


Our doctors work with you before, during, and after coming to the Center. You will be talking with the doctor prior to your appointment to go over your medical history. When you come in for diagnostics, examination, and treatments, you will spend several hours working daily with the doctor, and after you have gone through treatment you will receive a post care call from your doctor and additional follow up from a team member.

How long are diagnostics, examination, and treatments?

Diagnostics and examination are very in depth and critical to identifying each patients’ unique issues so the initial evaluation may take several hours. We do this so that we can then create the custom treatment plans. These treatment plans are typically over a five-day period or can be done at intervals over a month or more depending on what the clinical team determines is best for you.

Will I need to come back after the initial treatments?

A vast majority of our patients see tremendous results, we will show you where you have made progress and if there is still more to do. If that is the case, we will make recommendations for further improvement. In some cases, you may need periodic maintenance of issues. Regardless, you will want to make brain health part of your healthcare routine and come in for reevaluations. Like with all healthcare (annual exams, dental appointments and the like) your brain health is critical and brain health is for life.

Do you accept insurance?

Plasticity Brain Centers is a non-participating provider with any insurance company. This means we operate on a private pay basis, and accept out-of-pocket or cash payments. Although we don't bill insurance directly, we provide superbill receipts upon request. These detailed receipts enable you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company independently.

Discover personalized therapy that prioritizes your unique needs without the constraints of insurance protocols. Opting for private pay enhances flexibility and tailors your therapeutic journey.

For any questions or assistance with our transparent billing practices, feel free to contact our team at 855-955-9727. Start your program to improve your brain performance Plasticity Brain Centers, is your partner in brain health.

What are the costs for treatment?

Plasticity’s approach is based on customizing a program of treatment that is based on the diagnostics and examination. This results in a different cost for each person’s unique treatment plan.

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