Frequently Asked Questions

What will my week look like?

The Plasticity approach starts with an initial assessment and results in a customized treatment plan. Over the course of the plan, patients go through rounds of specific therapies, a re-assessment, more treatments and finally an exit assessment where an at-home treatment plan and continued care recommendations are developed.

How long are the days?

Our doctors will customize each patient's program based on their individual needs. Each day will consist of anywhere from two to three hours of sessions with breaks in between.

How long are my breaks?

Your doctor will be monitoring your neurologic fatigue and ensuring your brain is challenged enough to change but not become stimulated. They will determine what the necessary breaktime should be.

How might I respond to my treatment?

Each patient responds differently to treatments, some maintain their usual state, some feel relief from symptoms, and some may see in increase in fatigue. We are working on the areas of your brain that are weak and/or dysfunctional, so those areas may fatigue easily. This fatigue or symptom spike is temporary and should subside with rest.

What should I wear?

We suggest wearing comfortable and loose clothing, as some treatments may require access to the skin. Most patients wear athletic wear as it is comfortable and easy to roll up pant/arm sleeves. We also suggest you bring a light sweater, as the building may be colder than usual.

What is HBOT, is it part of the package?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that includes spending time in a pressurized chamber while receiving oxygen. This allows your body and cells to use more oxygen to assist in recovery. Our doctors will determine if they think it would be valuable for you to perform this treatment during or after your program. Hbot is not a part of the package and is a separate charge.

What is the education, training, and certifications of our clinicians?

All our doctors received their Doctor of Chiropractic and then continued their education in Neurology to become Functional Neurologists. Our doctors are constantly continuing their education and have several different certifications in different specialties. We also have Medical Doctors on staff who assist in different areas.

Will I need to return for more evaluations or treatments if so, when?

The most important thing to remember is Brain Health is for life. It is possible you may need to return for continued care. Throughout your program the doctor will evaluate where strides are being made and where we may need more attention. For others the doctors will recommend evaluations in the future to check progress for lifelong brain health.

I’ve already seen several other doctors, why Plasticity?

Plasticity’s doctors have experience treating rare and unique cases from across the globe. The clinician’s goal is to make functional changes to the body by combining our clinical expertise, detailed testing, and innovative equipment. Our doctors will also spend meaningful time with their patients and caregivers listening to experiences to formulate a treatment plan.

When can I start to see the changes from my treatment?

Just like a fingerprint, each brain is different. Patients will see changes at different rates, but our diagnostic testing will be able to show data and statistics that our doctors will use to explain how you are progressing through the program.

Can you refer me to other doctors or specialists if needed?

Our doctors will evaluate what they believe your best continued care recommendations are including any referrals to other doctors or specialists.

Do you work with insurance, or can I submit for reimbursement?

While we do not accept insurance, we do have options available to assist you in getting reimbursement if available.

Can family be involved during treatments?

Of course! We love to teach and educate both the patient and the individual who came to support that person. While it is not required for adults, we are happy to have loved ones alongside us. Family members are always welcome to join in the office. Each office does have space for family to relax together and even toys available for kids.

How are treatments designed for children?

Our team will make the experience as kid-friendly and enjoyable for children. They can design the treatments into games or challenges and try to integrate anything that the child enjoys.

Are we providing food?

Our offices are all well stocked with snacks, coffee, tea, and water. We will give you plenty of time to get lunch or you are welcome to bring your own in. Each center does have a microwave and fridge available if needed.

Should I change any of my habits while at the center?

The doctors recommended sticking to your normal habits as much as possible so they can evaluate you in your usual state.

Should I make plans while in town?

We encourage patients to enjoy their time, especially if you are visiting. As long as you continue to get optimal rest and don’t push yourself too far. We have a list of locations and restaurants that provide a variety of food and activities. Also feel free to ask any staff member recommendations.

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