Cognitive Challenges

What You Need to Know about Cognitive Challenges

Cognition is the process by which we take sensory information in from the world, interpret it, and make a decision to do (or not to do) something. That means everything that we think and do is based on how well we perceive the world through our senses. Cognitive function is essential to every waking moment of our life. From following directions, finding our keys, remembering names, to-do lists, to expressing and controlling our thoughts and feelings, acting socially-appropriate, multi-tasking, focus, math, empathy, and more. Cognition, or thought, is the pinnacle of human development.

How We Treat Cognitive Challenges

First, the team at Plasticity inspects how well your senses respond to controlled stimuli. These tests provide us with information about how well you are able to take in information from the world. Once we correct sensory processing, we perform a series of cognitive tests that measure 12 domains of cognitive function, and prescribe very specific domain-specific cognitive exercises to improve any deficits we find. Fixing sensory processing, followed by domain-specific training is our secret to restoring and enhancing cognitive function, from age 5 to 95.

Patient Stories

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