September 20, 2016

3 Things Cancer Patients Should Know About Oxygen Therapy

Nothing shakes a human being to their core like a cancer diagnosis. Whether the news pertains to you or someone that you love, it’s something that no one is ever ready to hear.

After you’ve gotten over the shock of what’s happening inside your body, it’s time to decide a plan of attack. Unlike decades past, there are now many more options for a person who wants to fight back against cancer’s encroachment. One of those alternative treatment options is available right here at NeuraPerformance Brain Center in Denver. We call it Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

As we discuss on the page detailing our hyperbaric oxygen chamber, oxygen therapy consists of providing a place where people can breath nothing but pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber of some sort. Hyperbaric chambers can be rooms or tubes.

Why Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Used For Cancer Patients?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is considered an integrative treatment for cancer patients.

  1. Breathing pure oxygen allows a patient’s lungs to collect two or three times more oxygen than breathing under normal circumstances.
  2. This super-oxygenated blood is then carried throughout the body, triggering the release of growth factors and stem cells.
  3. These stems cells and growth factors play a critical role in healing for cancer patients.

If you or someone you love are interested in how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can have a positive impact on your physical or mental health, contact NeuraPerformance Brain Center in Denver today. We’d be happy to sit down with you to discuss the research and study results with regard to oxygen therapy.

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