March 13, 2017

Mobile Baseline Concussion Testing

Does your child play a contact sport? Did you know there are no requirements for baseline concussion testing in athletics below the collegiate level? This can be a disturbing bit of information for many parents, especially because concussions can be very harmful to developing brains. Even though a test is not required for children and teens, it doesn’t mean a test is not a good idea. That’s why NeuraPerformance has taken their Dynavision D2™ technology to the streets of Front Range Denver with our mobile baseline concussion testing program.

What is baseline concussion testing?

A baseline concussion test is a preliminary test taken by athletes to gather pre-cognitive data before youth engage in sports. This test allows brain activity to be compared throughout the season to help detect a concussion at any level. After a head injury, an athlete will head to the exam room to test the brain post-injury. With the baseline test results in hand, it is very easy to see any damage and how it can best be treated.

Each person is unique, which is why a baseline test is integral to the health of a young athlete. A post-injury test only provides limited data because there is nothing for comparison.

It’s only $35 to get a baseline concussion test and set up your young athlete for good brain health in the future.

How to reserve the baseline testing mobile lab

Our baseline concussion testing experts will come to you! No need to fight the traffic to get into Denver or bother trying to coordinate the schedules of 50 busy teenagers. Schedule an appointment with the mobile lab during one of your current practice times, and make this a practice you won’t regret. Parents and/or coaches are welcome to reserve the lab. Again, it’s only $35 per player to get a baseline concussion test.

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