September 10, 2016

How To Prepare For Your Neurofeedback Appointment

The brain controls our bodily function, but what controls our brain? In some cases, it’s instinct, but scientists are gaining tremendous knowledge about how the brain works (and doesn’t work) through the use of neurofeedback.

Our Denver facility allows people of all walks of life, from law enforcement to elite athletes, gain a greater understanding of their brain function and how to control it for improved performance.

If you’re interested in visiting NeuraPerformance Brain Center for a neurofeedback experience, there are a few things to know and do prior to arrival that will greatly enhance the efficacy of your visit.

Things To Do Before Your Neurofeedback Appointment In Denver

  • Go to the gym - Exercise helps the body and mind let go of stress and anxiety. By working out before your neurofeedback appointment, you can help to ensure that your results aren’t tainted by either of these factors.
  • Get plenty of rest - Resting your mind adequately before starting your neurofeedback training will insure that you enjoy optimal results.

Things To Avoid Before Your Neurofeedback Appointment In Denver

  • Clean up your diet - It’s important to avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or processed foods in the 24-48 hours prior to your neurofeedback appointment, as these substances can have a negative effect on your training results.
  • Take out your contacts - These vision-correction devices can cause excessive blinking and eye movement during your training, which may affect the results.
  • Wash your hair - It’s important for your hair to be clean and dry the day of your appointment. We would also ask you to refrain from using styling gels or other hair products that might interfere with our EEG sensors.

Want more information about what to expect from your neurofeedback session in Denver? Contact NeuraPerformance Brain Center today!

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