Intensive or Extensive

We help you with the method that best serves you.



Focus on a single week for big changes quickly

Our intensive program is a five day clinical experience with total focus on therapy and evaluation -- it’s like receiving three months of therapy in one week.

Something that is "intensive" is characterized by an increase in focused effort with a decrease of scope, meaning that you can do more of one thing, over a shorter period of time. The benefit of this method can best be described in two ways. First, if you are struggling to get the quality of your life back, this method offers the most relief possible in a very short period of time. 92% of our concussion patients dramatically reduce their symptoms (by 50%) in five days.

Second, total focus on your rehabilitation and recovery, without distraction of everyday life, yields more immediate outcomes and forward progress to your health goals.

But the intensive model isn't for everyone, and can be more limiting when you compare it to our extensive program. Typically, intensive programs are ideal for the individual that has the ability to travel and/or those who want big changes, quickly.



Treatments while you continue your life

In these programs, which typically last two to four months, we can offer a wider-range of powerful services to enhance the brain, body, mind, and chemistry (all of the Plasticity Components). This method is characterized by a broader scope of options, meaning that you can do more over a longer period of time.

These modalities are functional neurology treatments, neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), nutritional counseling and supplementation, hypnosis, counseling, and even aerobic, strength and agility training. The program can be single or multiple visits per week over a period of weeks to months.

Both intensive and extensive programs can produce incredible life transformations. In some cases the programs can be combined (intensive to extensive) to offer quick and comprehensive health transformations.

If you are wondering if an intensive or an extensive program is right for you, get in touch with us and we will help determine which is a good fit.

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